It has been found out that one of the toughest types of recovery is raid recovery. It is tough, but with well experienced data recovery services, the RAID information can still be recovered. Therefore, if you value the data in your RAID and it seems to have crashed, contact a data recovery expert.

A general process of the recovery is as follows:

After taking your RAID to the experts, it will be opened up and then all the drives will be checked for functionality i.e. the experts will check whether each drive is functioning as per normal. For a maximum and proper recovery, all drives must be in good functioning condition. If there are any damaged drives in the RAID, some reconstruction may have to be done. For your information, this has to be done in a clean room because even a small particle of moisture can destroy a drive. The reconstruction makes sure that the drives functions as normal.

The next thing is to make clones of each drive i.e. each and every sector of the individual drives have to be mirrored and cloned. This means that a similar image of each sector is made. This is a way of helping the recovery expert to work around bad sectors that may exist on the hard drives. It also helps the expert have control over the drive functions. In this cloning process, the original source drive is put in what is called the ‘write-protect’ mode so that data can be written on it. This is a guarantee that the original source data is not altered.

After the clone process is over, the cloned copies are then used for the recovery process while the original drives are kept aside. The clone drives will be followed by a process of destriping which involves collecting together all the data from the various drives and placing them onto one single drive. If the damage is not severe, a complete rebuild of the directory structure can be done.

This whole process is long and very tedious and thus, may cost you a little bit more. But if you value your data, then you have no other option but to recover it using data recovery services.

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