Training is perhaps the singular most misunderstood aspect when it comes to purchasing home based business leads. Purchasing leads are a great way to build your business quickly. However, simply buying good, quality leads does not mean you will achieve instant success. It is important to set realistic expectations before you get started in this journey. Even the most qualified lead will not turn into a paying customer or distributor without work. Investing in yourself and in proper training is paramount to achieving the type of results you desire when it comes to converting these leads.

The first step is to educate yourself before buying. What type of lead do you want? What lead company will you use to purchase leads? Being educated on the types of leads you want is a very important step. Do you want to use real time leads? Are you planning on calling within 48 hours? Do you want a practice group? Do you want someone specifically looking for a network marketing company or a home based business? A good lead company will work with you to ensure you pick the right type of lead for your budget and your experience. Start small and work your way up as you get more and more comfortable with the process. Set realistic goals and don’t expect that every lead you call will be available or ready and willing to talk with you. Simply purchasing expensive, targeted leads doesn’t translate into success. In other words, learning how to work those leads is a very large piece of the puzzle and one that many people lose sight of when they are just starting out in business.

Invest in training. Many home based opportunities and companies offer their own training teaching new distributors or entrepreneurs the ins and outs of working leads effectively. However, investing in your own training outside of your company is not only a good idea, but an absolute necessity if you truly want to achieve success. There are great courses, books and trainings both off-line and on-line on relationship selling or consultative selling which is a very popular method of selling in today’s market. Take the time to learn how to sell as well as how to work a lead properly. Whether you choose to purchase leads outright or decide to generate your own on-line or off-line, like everything worth having, it will take time and effort. Consistent effort. Purchasing home based business leads will help to cut out a lot of work on the front end but in order to see results on the back end with higher conversions, you need to invest in your own training and time. There is no golden egg waiting at the end of the rainbow. It takes tenacity, consistency and education. HULT PRIVATE CAPITAL

It is important when purchasing leads to keep in mind that all prospects will be at different stages of interest when you call them. Some fill out a survey or form or opt into a web page simply out of curiosity while others are much more focused and know exactly what they want. It it up to you to figure out where they are in their search process. Even the most qualified lead group will have people who are “duds”, who say they aren’t interested, leave bad numbers or say they have been called numerous times. This is all part of the process. A good lead company will not recycle leads more than once or twice but many people misinterpret “being called” as getting a call from a telemarketer or other salesperson responding to inquiries they may have filled out for various other opportunities. Many times people forget they have filled something out and assume you are the same company or person calling once again.

Understanding that these barriers or temporary roadblocks are all part of the process is important before you get started. Working leads is both a science and an art; a numbers game as well as an experience game. To do well in your recruiting efforts, you need to be good at both.

So before purchasing home based business leads, be sure to start off by setting expectations. If you skip this step, chances are you will be highly disappointed and drop out before you even get your motor in gear.

Time, consistency, perseverance and tenacity. Write these words down. It takes all of them combined to build a good, solid home based business. Working your lead flow is just one part of the big puzzle. Some leads are buyers, while others are still shopping. You need to sift through the shoppers until you find the buyers and then start the process of building.


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