When trying to get the word around about your business, you may gravitate towards advertising on TV or radio. There are advantages and disadvantages in choosing either of these mediums. This article will explore what these are and help you choose what’s best for your budget and target audience. HULT PRIVATE CAPITAL

Radio advertising has some great advantages. First, radio is often the only mass medium available to those who are commuting and those who are at work. It’s also cheaper to both produce a radio ad and to pay for airtime than it is to do likewise for television. If you’re a small-business owner or if you’re otherwise on a tight budget, this is an attractive option. Advertisement salespeople are eager to find out the perfect demographic for your product and what days and times that audience is most likely to hear your ad on the radio.

Radio also has a broad, but specific, demographic. Many music radio stations, like those that play R&B, pop, dance, and rock are an excellent avenue for business owners who cater towards a younger demographic, while others like classical, classic rock, and oldies stations are sure ways to get word about your company to older generations. If you offer a product that is or may be popular among alternative cultures, college and community radio are probably the way to go. Talkback radio is another option that opens your business up to a huge audience.

However, the most obvious disadvantage to radio is that it’s not a visual medium. If your product would benefit from a visual demonstration, a well-planned TV ad campaign is probably worth the extra money involved.

TV advertising is a convenient option for businesses who have the money to spend on airtime, and should the business not be able to produce the ad themselves, on scriptwriting, actors, and an advertisement agency as well. For those who are on the brink and are wondering whether they should gamble on a television ad to take their business to the next level, TV advertising is a better option for those whose priority is to reach the largest audience possible: there are fewer TV stations than there are radio ones, so the chances are greater that people will see your ad.

Obviously, TV advertising gives you the advantage of reaching your audience visually. Think of your product or service: would people be more enticed to patronise your business by seeing the product or seeing a face associated with your company?Keep in mind that people are also more attentive when watching television than they are when listening to the radio.

There are difficulties that arise when investing in either TV or radio advertising.For example, many listeners switch the channel or turn the dial, respectively, once they hear commercials. Also, many people require more than one listen for a message to sink in; the more your ad is played, the more of your company’s budget will be eaten up. Television and radio programs have varying degrees of audience diversity, and so pinpointing the best times to play an ad to reach the most precise and accurate market possible is an art in and of itself. However, with diligent planning, hiring the best ad agencies to produce your ad and ad salespeople to find your target audience, the advertisement of your business on TV or radio will be time and money well spent.


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