4 Unique Christmas Gifts For The Socially Aware Person

4 Unique Christmas Gifts For The Socially Aware Person

4 Unique Christmas Gifts For The Socially Aware Person

Christmas is coming, and we’re all looking for cool Christmas gifts for our loved ones. Christmas is a special time of year, and the giving and receiving of Christmas gifts is a large part of that.

However there are many people that are aware that not everyone who lives on this planet is as fortunate as ourselves, and that whilst we all enjoy our eating, drinking and gift giving at Christmas, it is not such a fine time for everyone.

For that reason I have written a number of times about choosing Christmas gifts that take some account of this fact. Gifts that recognise that we are the lucky ones, and which give back in some small way as well as provide us with a cool gift for Christmas for one of our loved ones.

In fact the giving of socially aware Christmas gifts is itself becoming a pretty cool activity, and many people are actively looking for ways they can source Christmas gifts in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

I have therefore, scoured the web for cool Christmas promotional gift for the socially and environmentally aware person. Christmas gifts that can be given to someone who cares about the impact of our Christmas activities on others, and the environment.

Here’s 3 suggestions for cool Christmas gifts for the socially aware person. There’s lots more, check out my website.

1. Give a hand carved bone necklace. Made in Kenya, bone carving is a tradition going back centuries. It is a skill passed from family member to family member, and the result is a lovely piece of jewelry for both men and women.

Yes I did say men. These bone carved necklaces are quite masculine and would make a fine gift for a man. I would happily wear one.

2. A gourd birdhouse. Carved from gourds in Peru, these are birdhouses with a difference. Delightfully carved, some with village scenes, they are to hang around the garden to offer a home to some of our feathered friends.

Give a gift that not only helps the people of Peru who do the carving, but which enriches our lives with birdsong in our garden.

3. A hand made Dominoes game. Colorful, hand carved and sourced from Thailand, these are wonderful Dominoe sets for the enthusiast. Very cheap for a hand made product. Perfect to put on the coffee table to stimulate conversation as well as play.

4. A chocolate gift basket with a difference. Filled with organic chocolates, both milk and dark, that you would nver have heard of before. From unusual places, and some unusual products. Organic Java drops for example, or organic cocoa.

There are companies which exist to promote social and environmental responsibility in our trade. The purchase of these products helps others far less fortunate than us.

So if you, or the person for whom you are buying your gifts this year, has a social conscience, there’s 4 ideas for cool Christmas gifts that are both socially and environmentally responsible. Check out my website for some other ideas.

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