Choose the Best Violin for Excellent Performance

Choose the Best Violin for Excellent Performance

Choose the Best Violin for Excellent Performance

The size of the first violin used by kids is a significant aspect since they must be able to hold the instrument in the proper way. Children violins of ¼ sizes are ideal for kids in the age group of 4 – 7 years. Those who are below ten years and above six years can have the ½ size and ¾ size violins can be given to kids above ten years. There are various reputed manufacturers who produce best quality violins at reasonable prices. Though changes have been brought in the size of the F holes and also in the length of the neck violin has not undergone much changes with respect to its basic structure and shape.

Colour violins of varying sizes are available for both kids and adults. The grown up artists use only full size violin which is also known as 4/4 size. The different sizes are made by adjusting the length of the neck and the distance between a person’s neck and wrist of his out stretched left hand decides the size of violin to be used by him. Spruce and Maple are the two varieties of woods that are used for making violins. The backside of the instrument is made of maple and spruce is used to make the top portion.

Colour violins are made by way of applying varnish on the instrument. Varnish can produce different shades including red, brown and orange. Dyes are used to give colours like pink and blue to violin. It is advisable to choose children violins with the help of a antique cello teacher and a reliable shop keeper. Always, violins are to be purchased from a maker who gives reliable information and also ensures prompt repair and maintenance services. Before purchasing the instrument, the customer should ask the shop keeper to play the instrument. The kid who will be using the violin also should try the instrument at the shop.

It is advisable to play the same lines on three or four pieces in order to select the best one out of them. For a proper comparison among the different pieces, play consistent passages of songs with each instrument. Those who buy violins should not go blindly after brand names. It is all the more important to check the performance of the instrument and quality of sound produced by it. Those who buy new violins should keep in mind that the higher price of the instrument need not be an indicator for its quality. Personal assessment of performance is very crucial.


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