Cut Your Food Waste to Be Leaner, Greener and Frankly Better Off

Cut Your Food Waste to Be Leaner, Greener and Frankly Better Off

Cut Your Food Waste to Be Leaner, Greener and Frankly Better Off

Have you ever stopped to look at just how much food waste your household throws in the garbage every week? If your household could in any way be described as normal, you’d be surprised by just how much food waste ends up in the rubbish bin.

Most people don’t realise just how much of the garden cup fresh meat, fruit and vegetables they buy every week ends up wasted but there are a few things you can do to reduce the amount you waste, the amount you need to buy and the cost of your grocery bill.

Store your food correctly.

Simply finding out how to store fresh food in the correct manner to make it last longer can cut the amount of waste you produce significantly. Look in your refrigerator right now and ask yourself whether the open packets or bottles should be replaced with air tight tubs or some other means of protecting the food. Not everything should be kept in the refrigerator either. Some foods like potatoes are better kept in a vegetable rack in a cool dry cupboard, as opposed to the damp and chilled environment of a refrigerator. Similarly, many people prefer to store eggs in the refrigerator but they can just as easily be stored in a rack on a counter top. That way you can easily see how many you have and what the use-by date is on each of them.

Don’t buy too much in the first place.

The next time you’re in the supermarket and you see the special offers, ask yourself if you really need the multipack? Try simply buying less or looking for smaller packs to avoid waste. Multipack and maxi-pack buying is very tempting but you have to weigh up how much of the product you will actually be able to use before you have to throw it out. It isn’t always the saving it appears to be.

Do you need to cook quite as much?

It doesn’t stop with just buying the food either. Look carefully at the amount of food you cook. It’s very easy to cook far too much, resulting in whole portions landing in the trash can. Measure and weigh your ingredients to make sure you don’t just waste the food, but the energy you use to cook it as well.


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