Kitchen Floor Tiles – Which to Chose and What Is the Right One for You

Kitchen Floor Tiles – Which to Chose and What Is the Right One for You

Kitchen Floor Tiles – Which to Chose and What Is the Right One for You

Any area of your home that experiences high traffic, such as the kitchen or living room can benefit from ceramic kitchen tiles. These clay tiles come in a choice of a glossy or matte finish, and are available in different colors.

Ceramic kitchen tiles can still look good several years after you install them, and their durability is one of their biggest appeals. However, wet tiles are very slippery, and if you have small children this can be a problem; also, keep in mind that if you drop something on a ceramic tile, the item is will break.

Porcelain –

Porcelain tiles tend to cost more than ceramic tiles, although have basically the same characteristics and qualities. One advantage of porcelain is that scratches and chips on the tiles aren’t as noticeable.

Granite –

Stone kitchen floor tiles & woodpecker flooring made from granite are ideal as they do not stain, in the same way that marble does. Granite is also considered a stylish addition to most homes and is popular because of the different colour patterns.

Although granite is durable, it is easy to scratch it with quartz and sand particles, meaning that it is important to keep a granite floor as clean as possible.


If you are looking for non slip tiles, slate is one of the best options and is also hard and long-lasting. Slate tiles do not need a lot of care and are not easily damaged if soda or coffee is spilled.

Slate flagstone tiles come in a limited range of colors, although these are often mixed for better effect. You are limited to charcoal, green, gray and rust.


Glass is undeniably attractive and stylish and if you are looking for something a little unusual, this might be a great option.

However, glass are extremely expensive and you need to make sure you are installing non slip kitchen floor tiles made of glass. Glass tiles really only work if they match the overall look and style of your home.


Travertine tiles come in various colors, including brown, gold and cream and are generally considered attractive and trendy. However, this variety of limestone is easy to stain.

Travertine that are polished can become slippery, making it not the best choice for kitchen floor tiles in homes with young children. A coat of tile sealant has to be applied before finished, as it is porous.

Important Factors To Consider


If durability is an issue to you, you should avoid certain other types of material, such as rubber kitchen floor tiles, laminate floor tiles kitchen, terracotta floor tiles kitchen and vinyl kitchen floor tiles. Terracotta kitchen floor tiles in particular, can be damaged by moisture although it certainly looks elegant and attractive.

If your kitchen experiences high traffic and you want to protect against frequent spills, stone kitchen floor tiles are your best option, followed by ceramic and porcelain.


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