The Secret, the Law of Attraction and Subliminal Messaging

The Secret, the Law of Attraction and Subliminal Messaging

The Secret, the Law of Attraction and Subliminal Messaging

It’s been over seven years since movie The Secret has gone viral. It was a great movie that showed many people what is possible if they follow and practice the principles of the Law of Attraction.

But, the movie was far from an accurate representation of LoA. What the movie suggested is that all you have to do is wish for money, a great romantic relationship, a promotion or a firm body, and it would magically appear.

Unfortunately it is far from the truth. The movie skipped over important parts of the law of attraction to make it easily consumable by the mass public. What the movie failed to mention is that LoA is working all the time, even when you do not consciously want it to work, or even if you have no idea what LoA is.

Furthermore, the law of attraction is bringing you exactly what you are wishing for right now. That does not mean that you may not want more out of life. But your unconscious thoughts are the driving force, the one that matters.

The truth

So, you may consciously think you want a high paying job or that you deserve to be a millionaire or a guy girls will just flock to. But, subconsciously, you do not really believe it. What you have is a result of your beliefs. That is something you have to accept.

No matter what stage in life you are, the goal is to get comfortable enough to get to the next step. If you are making 30k a year, make it a point to get comfortable making 50k, then 100k, then 500k and so on. It is that simple. At least in theory. In real life, things are a bit more complicated as your subconscious mind often interferes without you even knowing it.

The Cure

The good news is that there is a cure. Using subliminal audio can help you communicate directly with the subconscious mind. The way subliminal audio messages work is very similar to how hypnosis works. Simply, the goal is to bypass the thinking, logical brain.

That is achieved by playing relaxing, calming music at frequencies that the brain works on when you are completely relaxed. In that state you are much more Pinoy Lambingan susceptible to suggestions to your subconscious. The positive affirmations that will help you deal with any problem you may have and help you get better at using the laws of attraction to your will are played to you bellow sensory level.

That is the key. You will not consciously understand what the voice recorded under the hearing threshold is saying, but your subconscious will receive the messages. What you have to realize is that your subconscious can not tell lies from the truth. So when you bypass your logical brain, you speak directly to your deepest self, and are able to easily change your negative and/or limiting beliefs.

When you have successfully done that over a certain period of time, as not even subliminal messages work fully instantly but take time, you will finally be able to pass the barriers to the perfect life you want to live. Then the sky will be the only limit.


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