Why Replace Your Windows and What to Look For When Replacing Your Windows

Why Replace Your Windows and What to Look For When Replacing Your Windows

Why Replace Your Windows and What to Look For When Replacing Your Windows

This is a special report that is provided for homeowners who are seeking a better understanding about the purchase and installation of replacement windows. It guides you in selecting the right windows for you, to ultimately purchasing your windows, and arranging for their installation. Included are other considerations important to your selection of the right window contractor.

Energy loss costs you money!

Recently, energy costs have skyrocketed and have become a major portion of your monthly home budget. Windows and doors happen to be the greatest single source of energy loss in the home; a very high percentage of heat is lost through the windows and doors. Becoming more energy efficient and replacing old windows is an intelligent and powerful way to decrease monthly utility bills while increasing your home’s value. Replacing drafty, difficult to operate older windows with the newer thermally insulated Ventanas Termopanel Chile which have a Low E type glass (explained later in this report), can reduce your yearly energy bills by as much as 40%.

Cost Vs. Value
Let’s get to the bottom line right up front. If you should be informed that, “Typically, new windows will pay for themselves in about 5 years,” believe it; it’s true. When it comes to window pricing, please keep in mind that the cheapest windows are rarely, if ever, the best choice. Depending on your situation, you may not elect to install the top-of-the-line window, but do choose a good quality window regardless. You don’t want to choose a window that only looks good but won’t save you much money on utility bills. Even if you only bought the home as an investment and are planning on “turning it” (selling it fast) for a quick profit, it is still best to buy quality windows that will last, and that come with a lifetime warranty. I can’t tell you the number of people I come into contact with that suddenly decided to replace their windows only after they happened upon a special sale at their local building supply store.

Typically, the low prices seen are for the bottom-of-the-line windows; those with little energy savings and a minimal warranty. It’s no secret that some well-known manufacturers make three different grades of windows: a top, middle, and bargain line. In many instances, homeowners aren’t able to find someone reputable to install those bargain windows. Professional installers do not care to be associated with an inferior product.

Repair your old windows?
It’s unwise to put off the inevitable by attempting to repair your old windows. By doing so, little if any energy savings will be experienced, since the most you can really do easily is paint over them. However, once you replace your windows entirely, you’ll be pleased that you decided not to repair them. Replacing windows will lower your energy bills immediately. In addition, the curb appeal and value of your home instantly increases with new windows installed.

Replace them yourself or hire a contractor?
For the novice, replacing some or all windows in the home is, in reality, more than a monumental task. Yes, you can certainly buy the windows and then install them yourself, but I wouldn’t recommend it, let alone suggest it.

Please, if you are not a seasoned window installer, don’t tackle the job yourself. Would you be at ease removing the engine from your car and then installing a new one? No… and I wouldn’t either. For the vast majority of homeowners, obtaining the services of a qualified, experienced, and state licensed window contractor is the best course of action. One very important detail to keep in mind is that if you replace them yourself, this will void your warranty in most cases. Also, should you measure incorrectly, drop, break, or damage your windows or the area supporting the windows, you would have an additional expense, instead of having your contractor merely replace or repair the damage at no additional cost to you.


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